Top 10 Most Popular Search Engines in the World

By | August 9, 2016

Top 10 Search Engines

Search Engines are one of the most important part of Internet. Whenever we need some information we just type in our query in one of the top search engine and get our results instantly. It is very impossible to see Internet without Search Engines.

Almost all people who have used Internet are familiar with one of these top search engine. They made our life very much easy by providing information with an ease. We don’t have to search thousands of directories to find required information. With just a click on a button you come across to hundreds of websites providing you the thing you want.

After looking at the importance of search engines I though to write an article on the best search engines in the world. This list is basically based on Alexa ranking at the time of writing this article. It may change after some time abut my list will remain the same as it is now.

Lets now see the Top ten Search Engines around the world:

1. Google

I don’t think that it needs any reason for it to be at the first place. is top most used website with an Global Alexa rank of 1. It is amazing that Google has the first rank globally. Every person who is reading this once in his/her life had used Google for sure.


After Google, Bing is the most used search engine developed by Microsoft. has an Global Alexa rank of 13 which is very amazing as it is the main competitor of Google.

3. Yahoo! Search

Yahoo! is a internet portal and service provider platform. Although the Global Alexa rank of is 5 but its search engine Yahoo! Search is still behind Bing. There are news that Yahoo is now powered by Bing services but we don’t know about the truth of these news.


Baidu is a Chinese language search engine. It is mostly used in China and Chinese language as it is more reliable in that language. It has an Global Alexa rank of 4. Even after so many local languages Search Engines around the world Baidu has such an amazing Alexa Rank.

5. offers many services on its search platform. Searching images, videos, news, blogs etc. You can shop through the platform by its shopping service. It has an Global Alexa rank of 94 at the current date.


AOL is basically a Homepage integration for your browser. It provides latest news, information directly on your browser’s homepage. It also provides Search facility on its website. has an Global Alexa rank of 161.

7. Yandex Search

Yandex is an online service portal and it also provides search facilities. It has an Global Alexa Rank of 23.

8. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo states that it does not track its users and it also protects the privacy of it users. It has many more features which all other search engines do not provide. You can change its theme and colors while working on it.

You can also work for its development. While searching on it you can directly search other websites from DuckDuckGo.

DuckDuckGo has an Global Alexa Rank of 799.

9. QWant

QWant is a French company and it has provided a web based Search Engine. The Search engine looks decent and amazing. The design is better than others. It has an Global Alexa rank of 10K. It is becoming popular with each passing day.

It had 20k rank in the month of February and now has came up to 10K.

10. Lycos

Lycos is the web portal and search engine. It was started back in 1994 and is now very much popular search engine. It has an Global Alexa ran of 15K which is very good for such a competitive field.

These were some of the best search engines around the world. It is not for comparison among these search engines and neither to an search engine which has not been listed here. There are so many other search engines too but i have compiled a list of my own, The Alexa rank of these best search engines may change but the post will remain same.

Hope you liked the article. Share it with your friends so that they would know about the top 10 search engines 🙂

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